Sunday, November 27, 2016

Krampus- Metal Christmas Song

Published on Nov 27, 2016
Yo Yo Yo Tis the season I suppose!!! The dudes over in "Into The Flood" Wrote an awesome metal rendition of The Nutcracker (The Mountain King), I asked if I could write lyrics and do vocals over it making the song sorta my own creation. Please go support them and check their instrumental only version below!!! LYRICS in type format below.

Into The Flood:

Into The Flood:


Holiday cheer fills the sky muffled by the whispers through the snowy hillsides. Shadows lurk beneath the glow of the white winter's snow.
Christmas time is coming near all your hearts are free of fear but something awaits. To exile the wretched and the glutinous few. Krampus the goat of sacrifice.
The phantom of darkness with a legion of foul creations. Toys with deconstructed bits now replaced with rows of razor teeth grinding up the bones of all the defilers. Oh Shadow of Nicholas: release all your demons to guide all the heartless down into the pits.
Terror plagues the shimmer of the moonlight as the blood of the tainted souls drips down from the sky to reveal the mangled deceased Black Christmas has begun.
Jesters of malice, gnomes of gore, imps disguised as elves all wait at your door.
I am the lord of December's storm, the pale fog that cotes these streets. I am a heathen of murder let me in. Did you remember to close up your chimney? This is a ho ho horror show and you are my star. Carolers sing of the white now stained red.
All shall be forgotten here, towns of feeble people. My minions sweep the streets of death as I snatch the last of you.

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