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Midheaven in Sagittarius - Playing Archery with Angels this one research on my midheaven blog owner

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Midheaven in Sagittarius - Playing Archery with Angels
Those born with their natal Midheaven in Sagittarius are self reflective, expansive, and use their incredible bursts of intuition to guide them into the dreams of their desire. The star shining directly above at their time of birth granted these types a celestial archery set that is capable of shooting into the heavens and bringing the treasures of Jupiter home. Intellectual pursuits and the world of study is appealing to Midheaven in Sagittarius, and variety is the spice of life; where they prefer to keep in constant motion and squeeze as many experiences as possible in their time.
Midheaven in Sagittarius relish in the joy of learning, and love sharing their knowledge with others. They have a sense of fixedness in their own opinions, especially around spirituality and religion. They may be difficult to sway - even stubborn, although they are willing to change their minds provided a certain amount of evidence. Their outlook is naturally philosophical, and their minds are inherently attune to illustrating the ‘bigger picture’. This placement suggests a high impressionability, especially in youth, where it was easy for these types to be pulled in many directions. Midheaven in Sagittarius can be found in careers surrounding travel, education, the ministry, theology, politics, psychiatry, promotion or for the betterment of others. Above all, work for this placement most provide a certain level of stimulation, interpersonal interaction, travel and mental challenge; many find contentment in working in many different industries over their lifetime and remain in study for as long as they can.
Midheaven in Sagittarius are loathed to routine and become tired, ill at ease if they are forced into the same surroundings for too long. There is a natural effervescent influential quality about Midheaven here, tied with an enthusiastic ambition, love of adventure and humility. Money or the promise of wealth is not a driving factor motivating these individuals, but more the dream of multiple successes - success to these types is the succession of successes. Midheaven in Sagittarius biggest barrier can be living in the present moment, where it is all to common for their minds to drift in the future, already dancing in the cosmic dreams they have bought to life.

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