Thursday, December 1, 2016

me when i have found out the wolfs and wols in sheeps clothing have been messing with young people and need a karmic ten fold return universal bitch slap see tenfold returnin those that manifest tenfold return like i get very angry when you are harming the yougins and meaphisly spiritual to the earth ways then begin to manifest justce from ou anger in love 8th day that goes with the power o the pythagrian 8 and the other under jesus christ either way if i find out your karmicly and metiphiscaly to the phsycal manifestation on earth screwed to the wall fuck nailed the grim reaper will be paying a visit after yoour times 190 times 7 times 3 karmic return to the and though me to defend the youth in to foldR eRETURNS TO THE DEVILS CHILDREN AND THOS OF THE DEVIL THAT HAVE ATTACKED OR SEXUALY ASOAULTED THE YOUNGINS YALL BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELVES in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN

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