Thursday, December 1, 2016

to the capostate christian churches that give your worship in the direction of the east luciferian sun worship funny maybe hold your breath until i call notice the male version what would that be when you disobeyed gods word and rebelulously keep worshiping towards the east that a mesenger warned you against in love and then attacked well 10 fold return to those that coninute in their luciferian eastern direction sun worship gnostic luciferian worship that the bible forbids the worship to the east now ten fold return to the for thine actions in JESUS CHRIST NAME AMEN FEEL FREE TO PRAY ALOHNG IF YOU LIKE THOSE ARE OUTSIDE IN APASTACY FROM THE WORD OF GOD KJV AND HOLLY BIBLE AND ARE FAIR GAME SINCE THEY WOULDN'T LISTEN AND CONTINUE THEIR WORSHIP TOWARDS SERIOUS THE DOG STAR VENUS THE SUN LUCIFER THE FALLEN CHERIBIM IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS AS THE SERPENT I TRYED TO GIVE MANNY WARNINGS BEFORE WHAT MUST BE

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